Each season, we enlist our favorite artists to create original work for our tshirts and other products. We value this process as it allows us the opportunity to collaborate with folks in our community that inspire us. Lenworth "Joonbug" Macintosh is a photographer and illustrator, originally from Jamaica, now based in Oakland. This season we released the Joonbug tee, designed by Joonbug. We recently sat down with him for a short interview and he has graciously sent us some additional photos and drawings, which we have shared below. Enjoy!


OSC: How did you get the name Joonbug?

Joonbug: My boy Roc back in undergrad, Abilene in 2007, started calling me that–it’s a southern name and fun to say. I’m also a Junior and not born in June like most think. lol.

OSC: What inspires you to create?

Joonbug: Life and the infinite pools of magic it brings.

OSC: What do you love most about Oakland?

Joonbug: The blends of creative in the black and brown community, along with the pride and history here.

OSC: What advice do you have for a younger artist?

Joonbug: Learn to see, learn by doing, mistakes are the best teachers, your craft will be your resume so practice vigorously. Rules are meant to be understood, seldom followed.

Model: Maya
Photographer/Illustrations: Joonbug

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