BE CQQL MY FQQL Opening Reception

The BE CQQL MY FQQL opening reception was a blast! We can’t wait to throw another party and get a little wild in the store again! I was running around but heard some epic stories of dance parties, Puerto Rican food, and all around goodtimes. Here are some photos from our homie Chris Colachis, who is an Oakland-based skater/surfer/photographer. Thank you to everyone who attended! See you guys soon!

One thought on “BE CQQL MY FQQL Opening Reception

  1. Max,

    I am so unbelievably impressed and thrilled to see you so excited and involved in your new venture! You know that Dan, Spencer and Austin are rooting for you as I do. We wish you great success and are sorry we can’t be there in person to see you, your lovely wife, the store and the gallery. One day, hopefully sooner than later. Mirta B.

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